Pomona Cider Mill

Specializing in responsive design and development.

With over 14 years real world experience in designing, developing and deploying web sites, we can help you with your current or future projects. Over the years, we have tended to gravitate towards clients who are true entrepreneurs; driven by what they do, and looking for any edge to keep them one step ahead of their competitors. It is fascinating to work and develop relationships with these clients.

We enjoy building sites using CSS, HTML and Javascript. We also leverage great tools like WordPress, jQuery, and various other great frameworks and libraries.

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plus logo-pomona

Pomona Cider Mill

This project was an initial web site for the new cider mill in beautiful Burton, British Columbia.

plus logo-mainland

Mainland Information Systems

A Home page refresh project featuring a new main navigation and custom events content entry.

plus primehrlogo


A web site redesign for PrimeHR based in Calgary and Vancouver.

plus banff-norquay-logo

Banff Norquay

A “summer home” for winter legends @ Banff Norquay – showcasing the amazement that is Via Ferrata!

plus RMC Logo

Ryan Murphy Construction

A web site redesign for Ryan Murphy Construction based in Calgary, Alberta.

plus XFEST Logo

XFEST Calgary

A custom site build for XFEST Calgary annual concert at Fort Calgary Labour Day weekend.

plus Mmm beer

Fernie Brewing Co.

A web site redesign for Fernie Brewing Co. based in Fernie, British Columbia.

plus logo-lc

Leaders Circle

This project was a web site build for Leaders Circle based in Calgary, Alberta.

plus logo-blp

Barbara Lapointe

An accomplished artist, teacher, and volunteer, Barbara has been an active and respected member of Calgary’s arts community for nearly 20 years.

plus logo-tnl

The Natural Leader

A project to refresh a Wordpress based web site for The Natural Leader based in Balzac, Alberta.

plus logo-pco

Pritchard & Company

This was a redesign project for Pritchard & Company Law Firm in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

plus logo-rsg

Robert Scott Group

This project was a redesign for the Robert Scott Group based in Calgary, Alberta.

plus logo-hunter

Hunter Residential

This was a redesign project for Hunter Residential Developments Inc in Calgary, Alberta.

plus logo-k2scuba

K2 Scuba

Maintenance projects for K2Scuba family of web sites from 2008 to 2011.


MAMP is great to run local websites for development. Early on, a problem I ran into was having to switch my “localhost” URL everytime I changed projects! No fun at all. And of course, I didn’t want to buy the Pro version. What’s a guy to do?

Enter Fun

Yeah! So with some fine tuning, I do two easy things now when I start a project.

First, I set up an entry in my hosts file like “mysite.local”.

Second, in MAMP apache config folder, find your httpd.conf file. Just open that up and edit it by adding a Virtualhost declaration. Something like:

<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot /Users/computer-username/Sites/projects/mysite/src
ServerName mysite.local

Your DocumentRoot will vary. I am on a macbook so this is the path (it will be different for PC). Just change out “computer-username” and your correct path.

Now restart MAMP and try “http://mysite.local” in your browser and enjoy.

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Colin Cheverie / Web Developer

I’m always looking to work on great projects and meet new people, so reach out if you’re interested in working together.

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